(Red) House on a hill

Today, I am kicking off a series which is Iceland, caught on film. I took a Mamiya 6 and a Leica M-A. My experience with those cameras are a story for another day, but for now, enjoy the untouched and unedited beauty of Kodak Portra film scans from Richard Photo Lab and handpicked by Johnny Patience.  This little house on the end of the mountain with a vista of a huge fjord caught my eye on a recent trip to Iceland. We stopped and wondered who lives there, what are their lives like and what it must feel like to wake up to that magnificent view? Do they feel like most of us who lives in cities and take places like great museums and restaurants and views for granted?

007990 R1 011

Those who are keeping score at home: this was made using Mamiya 6 (a 6×6 medium format camera) and a f3.5/75mm lens (which is equal to 50mm on full-frame) Kodak Portra 400. It was 1/125th of a second, film was rated at ISO 200 and shot at f 3.5.

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