A Lighthouse in Reykjavik

Late evening on the last day in Iceland I took a trip to the Grotta lighthouse. I usually end my trip with a visit to this place, sit and enjoy the moment and then leave the country. It is a reminder, why I love it in Iceland and why I need to go back soon!

Made with iPhoneX, Halide Camera and edited with DarkRoom App.

The Roads of Iceland


There is something fantasticlly hopeful and tragically sad at the same time about the roads of Iceland. Made in 2015 with my now long gone Leica M-P 240 and a f2/35 Summicron lens. f8, ISO 1600, 1/1,500th of a second.

Old Mission Barbershop

My long time barber, Omar Nazzal, opened up his own barbershop at 2485 Mission Street in San Francisco. It is called Old Mission Barbershop and is a small family run business. I am super happy to see him become an entrepreneur, along with his fiancée, Sara. Congratulations, you two! And if you need a haircut or a shave, check out Omar. He is one of the best!

Made with iPhone X in portrait mode!

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San Francisco Skyline

BSides2015 9

There is something missing in this photo. Can you guess?

Made with Leica M-Monochrome (version 246) & Leica f2/35 Summicron. Aperture f16 and exposure 1/60th of a second. ISO 320.

[PhotoSet] B-Sides: Some photos from Paris, Sweden, & Japan

In 2015, I went around the world. I carried a Leica Q and a desire to just capture some special moments. I stopped by in Paris, Finland, Sweden, and Japan. I came home, edited a few photos and decided that I didn’t really like the Q. I forgot rest of the photos. And then I found some I liked — especially after I put them through the Chrome and Andromeda presets by Rebecca Lilly. I call them: the B-sides.

My one & only camera rig

I live between analog and digital worlds. My 12.9 inch iPad Pro and Logitech K811 keyboard are my preferred computer combination. For time, nothing like the artful work from masters at Grand Seiko. And for photography, I now work exclusively with Leica M-A and a f2/50mm Summicron.

All my other film and digital cameras, except for my Leica SL and Fuji x100F are on their way to new homes. It is very freeing to have a handful of lenses — imperfection is my new mantra. My film of choice Kodak Tri-X 400. My camera strap (Dsptch x Stash Special Edition) is a gift from my friend, Dsptch founder Richard Liu.

My friend Steve

My friend Steve Crandall: The mischievous and always fun kid that he is!

Made with Mamiya 6, Medium Format 6X6 camera. Pancro 400 #film. F3.5 at 1/45th of a second. 75mm normal lens.

Ferries Away

Watching the ferries in Seattle is one of my favorite things to do. Especially the soft evening light dances on the water. I have to admit, I was skeptical of my ability with film, but thanks to @JohnnyPatience I am starting to appreciate the nuances of the film slowly. Plus, I don’t have to spend hours trying to manipulate an image in the Lightroom, which is my least favorite part of the photographic process.

Made with Konica Hexar RF and f1.2/50mm Konica lens. F8. 1/45th of a second. Kodak Portra 400.