A reflection on our speedier times

This stood out in this weak & meandering piece about designers and fashion. It is the reality of our world beyond just fashion. There is nothing that has a permanent impact and we are always looking for the next fix:

For better or worse, we live in an age of constant content. It feels like every week, new prestige TV shows premiere, breaking news exposés are published, award-worthy movies hit the theaters, anticipated albums appear out of nowhere and hyped-up clothing drops. Even if you do your best to avoid the incessant news cycle, you’re bound to get hooked at some point. One devastating byproduct our new, always-on world is that the time for true, considered digestion has been whittled down to roughly zero…Meanwhile, the echo chamber around everything moves the needle from classic to trash with seemingly nothing in between….Lately, the fight for relevance—even for luxury brands with decades of history behind them—has shifted from creating something desirable to continually vying for time on the consumer’s radar by releasing new items at all times. It’s now harder than ever to find a signal in all the noise.