Dashing Dan

Well known photographer and Instagram hero Dan Rubin was dashing off to another photo shoot but stopped long enough for a coffee and a chance to capture him on film. Kodak Tri-X, obviously.

Veen, Jeff Veen

Any meeting with Jeff Veen is worth capturing on film. We recently grabbed some coffee, talked about the Internet, both old and new. We talked about design. And we talked about having graybeards. This moment, captured on Kodak Tri-X 400.

Johnny & Rebecca

Maine 2018: Only the best people. And the best hosts. And the best ambassadors for their state. And oh, also amazing photographers! I am thankful for your friendship Rebecca Lily and Johnny Patience.  .

My friend Steve

My friend Steve Crandall: The mischievous and always fun kid that he is! Made with Mamiya 6, Medium Format 6X6 camera. Pancro 400 #film. F3.5 at 1/45th of a second. 75mm normal lens.

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