Porto So Fino

I am in Porto for a few days, visiting Veniam Networks, one of True family of startups. As part of the visit, I added a long weekend to the trip and enjoyed my time basking in the sights and delights of this beautiful city. Some atmospheric photos from the town by the Douro (on its … Continue reading Porto So Fino

One Church, Three Views

Made with my iPhoneXS. And modified with my bespoke preset without any editing to the original photos. I am really loving the simplicity of using the Lightroom CC, my preset and the iPhone for my random travel photos. It would be interesting to see how these match up against my film camera and Tri-X film.

Foggy conditions

“Under the thinning fog the surf curled and creamed, almost without sound, like a thought trying to form inself on the edge of consciousness.” ― Raymond Chandler, The Big Sleep.

Sutro Rocks

The biggest gift of living in San Francisco is access to locations such as Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths and Landsend. Even when walking around in the area, you can get spectacular photos, not to mention a moment of zen. This photo was made with my iPhoneX. I used Halide App to capture this photo, and … Continue reading Sutro Rocks

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