The Speck

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Sometimes when you look into the horizon, you don’t see anything. And then it all starts to make sense. What is big, vast is not essential. It is that speck that matters. Have a great Tuesday and see you all on the weekend.

Made with FujiFilm xPro2 and Fuji f1.4/35mm lens. Aperture f 5.6. Exposure time 1/80th of a second.

The Journey

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Life is a journey. Sometimes it is smooth sailing. Sometimes it is rough seas. But we have to keep going. Not sure where and how sometime for sure there is a destination for us.

Made with Fujifilm xPro 2 using a Fuji f1.4/35mm lens. Aperture f5.6 and exposure time of 1/80th of a second.

The Fisherman

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Ocean Beach, San Francisco: God is the ultimate photoshop. A beautiful pre-sunrise morning sky made special with the ever-optimistic fisherman looking for a catch. I am happy that moments like this exist and I get to experience them.

Made with Fujifilm xPro2 using Fuji f1.4/35mm lens. Aperture: f5.6 and exposure time of 1/80th of a second.

Todd Snyder, designer

Todd Snyder is a New York-based menswear designer. He makes clothes for guys who like to look good, feel comfortable and still be understated. I have always enjoyed his casuals – t-shirts and cardigans. I like high quality and attention to detail. More importantly, Todd is a great story teller. I made this photo with my iPhoneX in portrait mode!

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Tuscan Sunshine

Tuscany20171006 L1070103

Tuscany, Italy. September 2017. Made with Leica SL and Leica 1.4/50mm Summulux SL Focal Length: 50mm. F4. Shutter Speed: 1/60the of second. ISO:50

SF Beach Mornings

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Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Made with Fujifilm xPro2, Fujifilm f1.4/35mm lens. Focal length: f/16. Shutter speed: 1/15th of a second. ISO 200.

San Francisco: Floating in the Bay

Legendary photographers spent as much time making the photo, as they did in the dark room. I find that for the darkroom to make magic, you have to get the photo right in the field. This has been significant learning for me, and more time I spend time in getting photos right in the camera, more I enjoy the fruits of the labor as I don’t have to spend hours laboring on the pictures in Lightroom or Capture One or whatever. This one came right from the camera, though has been tweaked for contrast, brightness, and shadows. (Xposted from my Instagram.)

Hiro Yanagimachi: a Master Shoemaker

Hiro Yanagimachi is a master shoemaker based in Tokyo, Japan. In my mind amongst the top ten shoemakers in the world. I met him via Leffot and got a chance to make this photo with my iPhoneX, by using the portrait mode.


It is not the camera, it is the photographer. I went to visit my friend and former GigaOM colleague Chris Albrecht on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, and we went for a walk on the beach. He has a tiny (micro 4/3rd) Lumix point-and-shoot and he loves it. He took this photo of me taking a walk on water’s edge. It is one of my favorite photos, and I dislike to see my own photo on a screen. Thank you, Chris, for the moment.