Is it possible to beat Google?

It might seem crazy, but as the writer points out, it isn’t impossible to beat Google, especially now. He lays out his case. Here are some salient points but it is really worth a read. The Achilles heel for me is this point he makes, “The search engine’s lack of rich customization best serves the paying customers (advertisers), rather than the end users.” The whole thread is educational, informative and smart. Worth a read, if you are interested in Google, the web and its future.

Despite all the talk, no action by Congress on the Equifax Breach

The massive Equifax breach which generated a lot of media coverage and angry statements from Congress has amounted to nothing – nada, zilch, zero.

…the aftermath of the breach played out like a familiar script: white-hot, bipartisan outrage, followed by hearings and a flurry of proposals that went nowhere. As is often the case, Congress gradually shifted to other priorities..

As long as we have technology illiterates running the country, we are going to keep paying the price with our data, privacy and eventually our democracy.