Skyline changes

San Francisco skyline is changing, with every year. It has become crowded since I got here almost 16 years ago from New York. The change is a reflection of the growing importance of the city and the industry it hosts – technology – to the world. The industry sadly hasn’t come to terms with its … Continue reading Skyline changes

Who is your lighthouse?

According to Wikipedia, “a Lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses” and “mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, rocks and safe entries to harbors.” I believe we all need a lighthouse in our life — who can be there for us, … Continue reading Who is your lighthouse?


Sometimes you need a different perspective to actually love and respect you already have. Whether it is the place we live, relationships we have and the things we do — routine blurs our ability to be passionate about our daily lives. I personally try and step out for a few hours (or few days) and … Continue reading Perspective

A lighthouse in Foz

I love walking to the edge of the water, and make some long exposures. And sometimes I find a lighthouse, and I just sit there and just do nothing, except make photos till the tide starts to roll in. ⁣

Leica HQ, Wetzlar, Germany

I was in Wetzlar, Germany to attend the opening of a new Leica Museum and during the visit, I had a chance to spend time at the Leica HQ and got to visit the sprawling campus. Here are a select few photos. More to follow.

Porto So Fino

I am in Porto for a few days, visiting Veniam Networks, one of True family of startups. As part of the visit, I added a long weekend to the trip and enjoyed my time basking in the sights and delights of this beautiful city. Some atmospheric photos from the town by the Douro (on its … Continue reading Porto So Fino


It was nearly four years ago I visited the Faroe Islands on a photography trip. I had been using a Fuji XT-1 camera at that time and was still on a quest to find my proverbial visual voice. I didn’t much care about the photos I took at that time. Earlier this week, I wrote … Continue reading Faroes

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