California Palms

San Clemente, Calif. 2017: Sunrise surf in the waters off the shore of San Clemente. Made with Leica M-Monochrome (M246) and Lecia Summicron f2/50mm. Aperture f 3.4 and expsoure time 1/500th of a second. ISO 200. San Clemente, Calif. 2017: Palms at sunset on the same day. Made with Leica M-Monochrome (M246) and Lecia Summicron … Continue reading California Palms

Remains of a bay

Made with Fujifilm xPro2. f1.4/23mm (35mm on full frame) lens. Exposure time 1/10th of a second. Aperture f16 and ISO 200.  San Francisco 2018: Yesterday was one of the foggiest days in recent memory and that means making photos. I was hanging out with my friend @felixjr1 and saw the fog descend on the bridge. And this … Continue reading Remains of a bay

Autumn Leaves

Maine 2018. Made with Mamiya 6 and Kodak Portra 400. Aperture 3.5. Shutterspeed 1/250th of a second.  Since you went away the days grow longAnd soon I’ll hear old winter’s songBut I miss you most of all my darlingWhen autumn leaves start to fall– Eva Cassidy, Autumn Leaves

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