View of San Francisco from Marin Headlands. ISO 160. Focal Length 55mm. Aperture f/3.5. Shutterspeed: 1/160th of a second. Lens: Vario-Elmar TL 3.5-4.5 55-140 Camera: Leica TL2. Edited with my custom color preset.

Sometimes you need a different perspective to actually love and respect you already have. Whether it is the place we live, relationships we have and the things we do — routine blurs our ability to be passionate about our daily lives. I personally try and step out for a few hours (or few days) and reconfigure my internal lens to feel blessed by what I have. Like this beautiful city of San Francisco. When you are so close in it, you see the shit (literally) but when you zoom out, it is almost a dream. What is your way of creating perspective and appreciating what you have?

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