Why Coyotes are amazing

I was passing through the wonderful town of Boulder, Utah and stopped for a coffee. I saw a flyer for a local fundraising event for coyotes. I took a snapshot of the said flyer and thought it would be fun to share these facts from coyote lovers with this image I made in Yellowstone National Park last winter.

Did you know that Coyotes provide these ecosystem services for free?

Limiting populations of skunks, foxes and feral cats which allows more bird diversity and abundance.

Keeping gopher, rodent and rabbit populations in check.

controlling rodent populations, which reduces spread of diseases such as plague and hantavirus.

Scavenging dead animals and birds, keeping our communities coear of carrion.

Currently Coyote is much misunderstood and maligned. Coyote populations only INCREASE through reproduction and immigration after large numbers of their packs are killed.

But the government spends $10 million in taxes a year to kill them, and supports coyote killing contests.

Coyote has traditionally been revered for being a trickster and a teacher who can reflect our folly.

Just think of the coyote and roadrunner!

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