That tree in Yosemite

That tree in Yosemite. Leica SL. ISO 400. Focal length 52mm. Aperture f/22. Shutterspeed 1/8th of a second.

Yosemite 2018: I am pretty sure everyone has taken a photo of this tree in Yosemite. I mean it is right there, on your way to the Yosemite Falls. It is right there, being a perfect foreground for the majestic rock faces around us. And since Ansel Adams had a photo of a tree, I am pretty sure everyone wants their version of that photo. And no surprise, I couldn’t resist either. 

One minute I was admiring the beautiful landscape, and the next minute it started to snow, really hard. It was idyllic and fantastic. Of course, the storm set off a panic among the photographers who were set up for a sunset that would have lit up the half-dome. One of them sadly broke his knee in the melee that ensued. Rangers and medical staff had to come to rescue the injured photographer. 

With chaos and snow swirling around me, I focused instead on the tree and the near white-out conditions. It was perfect for me. If you zoom in, there is a slight shake, because it was handheld. The camera has some stablization, but not enough, but I am used to film and shooting at around 1/30th of a second and comfortable with blurriness. Damn, even I can’t see sharply without my glasses, so why worry about photos too much.

February 20, 2019, San Francisco

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