30 days of Yellowstone (photos)

National Elk Refuge, Jackson, Wyoming. December 2018. Made with Leica SL & Leica Vario 90-280 lens. Aperture f/10. Focal Length 250mm. Shutter speeds 1/500th of a second. ISO 400.

Grand Tetons, 2018: A few days back I visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons National Parks and made some photographs with my dear friend Chris Michel  and  Jake Davis. We quite enjoyed the magnificent scenery and looking at the magnificent scenery and occasionally we came across some  animals. I have spent past few days sorting and editing photos from the trip. I want to share some of those in coming days — 30daysofYellowstone — will be the new hashtag. Kicking off the series with one of the last photos from my trip, with these elk turning their back on us. I guess, the way they are hunted down in the “refuge”, I am not surprised they didn’t wanna do anything with humans. But the landscape of dark trees, bright snows and brown/golden grass on its last legs is what I wanted to show in these​ photos. I hope you folks enjoy the series as much as I did making it. 

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