[PhotoSet] The JBS Bar in Shibuya, Tokyo

September 2015: It was my first visit to Japan, and like all who visit the country, I fell in love with the culture, the landscapes and its general ability to march to its drum. Japanese love traditions and the traditional, and perhaps that is why you find analog mediums – film, vinyl, and paper — thrive in that country. I love Japanese paper and fountain pens.

While in Tokyo, I visited a bar called The JBS Bar. JBS stands for Jazz, Blues, and Soul. It is bar dedicated to classic whiskeys and classic sounds, all on vinyl. It is on a side street in Shibuya, and if you like old fashioned vinyl, then this is a great place to visit. The owner of the place is Kobayashi Kazuhiro, who started the bar as an extension of his home and personal record collection. The set up at the bar, according to The Vinyl Factory is “Thorens TD-124 turntables, a Mark Levinson preamplifier and a custom tube amplifier powering Altec Lansing speakers.”

As luck would have it, I had a camera handy and decided to make some photos. These are all JPEGs, converted to Monochrome using Rebecca Lilly’ ProSet V preset, Andromeda. Made with Leica Q, my least favorite Lecia!

Japan Sept 2015 JBS 12
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 11
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 10
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 2
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 1
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 3
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 6
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 4
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 7
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 9
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 15
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 16
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 8
Japan Sept 2015 JBS 17

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