Dean Kamen wants to turn a mill town into the epicenter for Human Organ manufacturing

Politico has a lovely story on Dean Kamen (the Segway guy, whose Netflix documentary is simply fantastic and gives a good understanding into the man and his unending quest for inventing) and his quest to turn a “19th-century mill complex in New Hampshire’s largest city” into the ground zero for human organ manufacturing. His cohorts in this adventure are “some of the country’s leading scientists and biomedical engineering firms.” He has managed to raise $300 million in investors including $80 million from the Pentagon. What a positive story to start the year with. Great story!

PS: As an aside, why is this story in one of the many technology publications is beyond me. I understand that rage-against-the-silicon-valley-machine gets more eyeballs and time, but this kind of stuff is out there, and worth attention.