What Happens Next With Net Neutrality?

In the near term, nothing changes, but:

The rules won’t technically be repealed until the repeal itself hits the Federal Register sometime in January. And even then, the FCC then faces numerous lawsuits from state AGs, consumer advocates, and others who believe this repeal violates the public interest and standard FCC procedure. Those lawsuits will highlight how the FCC ignored FCC processes, disregarded the public interest, turned a blind eye to fraud during the open comment period and even made up a DDOS attack — all in an apparent attempt to downplay massive public opposition to this plan. Should the FCC win those lawsuits, net neutrality opponents and ISP allies still have to find a way to prevent future FCC’s from simply passing new rules again.

Take a few minutes to get a handle on what is going to happen. Karl Bode has been following the battle for network neutrality very closely and is one of the more knowledgeable people about the subject.