iPhone X & Apple’s plans for AR glasses

Darshan is the founder/CEO of Bigscreen VR (a True Ventures-backed company) and one of the smartest people in the mixed reality domain. And he has honed in on why iPhone X is giving Apple’s headstart in the mixed reality sweepstakes.

The secret is that the iPhone X already contains many of the moving parts needed to build a great AR headset. If we zoom out and look at what a ‘mass adopted’ AR headset would need to succeed, some pieces are already in place:

  • Tracking: Inside-out tracking / SLAM for detailed positional updates as you move around indoors or outdoors
  • Lighting: Understanding of lighting in the world around you as you move, and applying that to blend virtual objects in with real objects
  • Understanding: Interpretation and contextualization of objects in the real world (think cups, animals, people etc.)

This is a potent mix: your phone is learning to uniquely recognize millions of faces, understand the world around you, and identify what cups, tables, chairs, and other objects look like.

Apple will have a huge head start here because it’s already in your pocket and the machine learning models are baked in from day one.

And just like everything Apple does, it all starts with great hardware.