Internet, Fakery & Finstagram

The Awl has one of the smartest reads on the Internet about “fakery.” Totally worth your time.

The thing about fakery is it’s so hard to distinguish from reality, in part because it’s not usually unreal, it’s just not what you think it is: fake meat is real food; fake friendships are relationships with tangible effects on our lives; fake news (and “fake news”) move through our screens and communicate something, whatever it’s relationship to “reality.”

In case you were wondering….

A finstagram, or finsta, is a private Instagram account used by someone who also maintains a public account. The name comes from the term “fake Instagram”—a funny derivation, because a finsta is usually so much more “real,” or open and honestly tied to lived experience, than a public Instagram account (or, realstagram). It’s only fake insofar as it’s not what’s expected of an Instagram account, and maybe in that it is often anonymously presented to non-followers—it’s unreality is defined through its ties to the reality established by a very fake, very accessible system.

Photo by NeOnBrand/Unsplash