How is Chevy Bolt selling vs Tesla?

Internet’s resident skeptic is not that impressed by Tesla and its performance and lays out why he is not buying the hype. I found this buried in the piece illuminating.

Inside EVs estimates that Tesla delivered 1,335 Model S in the US. This was far outpaced by the humble Model-3-killer the Chevy Bolt. GM sold 2,987 Bolts in November. Tesla is also estimated to have delivered 1,875 Model X SUVs in the US. It took the Model S and the Model X combined to beat the humble Bolt.

I think GM should consider a new brand for its entire EV range. How about Cruise, the software company they paid a billion dollars? The new name will help them dodge the dowdy image and push Bolt as a fresh concept, primarily as a standalone company, which perhaps can be spun-out to extract even more shareholder value. Just a thought.