Google’s Pixel Buds won’t change the world. Here’s Why

“Over-engineered by a company that doesn’t seem to understand how humans interact, they are a perfect example of Silicon Valley arrogance.”

I appreciate their takedown of the Pixel Buds, but to confuse that with Silicon Valley arrogance is just wrong and playing to the back-benchers. It is a good idea, wrapped up in a bad product. The magazine world is full of good ideas, wrapped up in ego and ambition, and they are no different than Pixel Buds. Google tried and failed. I expected more restraint from The Economist.

That said, I did like the hands-on nature of the review, and it is refreshing take compared to nonsense like this you read in tech media.

“Google’s Pixel Buds translation will change the world,” screamed the headline at Engadget. “Pixel Buds are probably the most important gadget Google launched,” offered Mashable. “Can Google’s Pixel Buds be used in post-Brexit trade negotiations?” asked the Telegraph.

They are so bad that I can’t bring myself to even write about them.

However, I DO KNOW that the on-the-fly translation, much like Google Glass type access to data layer will be part of our future, especially as we have ubiquitous connectivity and lower and lower latency on our networks.