Global Internet speeds up more than 30% from 2016

The world is getting faster — at least from the perspective of broadband networks, according to research from speed testing service provided by Ookla. When comparing download speeds from November 2017 to download speeds in November 2016, the performance of the networks was pretty astounding.

With a mean global speed of 20.28 Mbps, mobile downloads increased 30.1% over the last 12 months and mobile uploads increased 38.9%. A global average of 40.11 Mbps makes fixed broadband downloads 97.8% faster than mobile and this speed increased 31.6% during the same period. Uploads over fixed broadband showed the smallest increase of 25.9%

Here is how large telecom markets improved:

China: Mobile downloads increased 3.3 percent to 31.22 Mbps. Fixed broadband speeds improved 42.3 percent to 61.24 Mbps.
India: Fixed broadband saw a 76.9 percent jump to 18.82 Mbps. Mobile download speeds were up 42.4 percent to 8.80 Mbps, which is still a pittance compared to other larger telecom nations.
United States: Mobile download speeds improved 22 percent to 26.32 MBps.
Fixed broadband speeds were up 37.3 percent to 75.94 Mbps
Brazil: Mobile downloads increased 27.6 percent to 16.25 Mbps.Fixed broadband speeds went up 18.5 percent to 17.80 Mbps