Ben Thompson Is Wrong About the Deregulation of ISPs

Photo by Markus Spike via Unsplash

The much-shared piece penned by Ben Thompson on network neutrality raised a few eyebrows. I will reserve my opinion on what he wrote, but for now, read this response from developer Nick Heer, who is based in Calgary, Canada.

There is clearly plenty of evidence that ISPs will not treat data the same if offered the opportunity to do otherwise. And, I stress again, we aren’t simply talking about internet providers here — these are vertically-integrated media conglomerates which absolutely have incentive to treat traffic from friendly entities differently through, for example, zero-rating, as AT&T did with DirecTV, Verizon does with their NFL app, and T-Mobile does for certain services.

I liked what he had to say so read the whole thing. I know where I stand on net neutrality and have known about this for a long time. After screaming in the wind for decades, I feel we are in the endgame here, and FCC is going to do what it wants to do, and there is very little our collective outrage can do. We should have been fighting this battle all this time.