eBay: The Thrill is Gone

My new obsessions include vintage Hi-Fi, old Seiko watches and antique leather bags. As a result I have started spending too much time on eBay, a site which seems to have been untouched by time and changing technology trends. It looks old — I mean Web 1.0 old — and it is charming in a vintage web sort of a way. The site that gods of design forgot has 171 million users and has over a billion items listed at any given time. And yet they have a problem, reports Racked, in this must read story.

Why? Because  that eBay isn’t the only game in town. Amazon, Etsy, PoshMark and TheRealReal are simply nibbling away at its growth prospects. I don’t disagree — I sell my old duds on Grailed and TheRealReal. As TechCrunch editor Matthew Panzarino said on Twitter, “Focused, informed and fanatic audiences give you better returns because they’re seeking for things of value rather than searching for value.”

That said, recent earnings reports show signs of growth — not big growth — but enough growth to make you wonder if they can make a comeback.